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I talk about having an ‘administrative mind’ and how this works in practice.

I consider whether novels have a future.

News 2022. I have a new post setting out news this year.

2022 marks an important anniversary for me. Twenty years of writing about rock music in Leicester. This is something I should celebrate. Between now and November, I need to complete a series of essays about my experiences of going to gigs, visiting venues and festivals and (above all) following the bands and singers that have made Leicester an amazing and wonderful centre for live music.

My novels are getting attention this year. I am editing my third novel – The Streets of London. I am also writing journal articles on a daily basis. No shortage of ideas. If anything, too many. My folder /Work in progress/ never seems to get any shorter. Take for example a new article ‘The Future of the novel’; or my piece about the Russian invasion of Ukraine; or my essay about truth and reality. No shortage of material there. I must start publishing them on this blog.



7th November. I write about the microhistory of everyday life.

22nd October. An article about publicity of local music gigs prepared with Carol Leeming.


This year will be a year of change, as far as this blog is concerned. Over the past few years, I have maintained a number of blogs and it is my intention to rationalise my platforms. I want to have only one blog and published on it all that has already appeared on other blogs, including the archive for Arts in Leicester, and Locke Family Tree. 

The object of this consolidation is to run only one website and to reduce the cost associated with having several sites. Progress on this project will take place in 2021 but in doing this I will not delete anything of my work from the Internet.

A poem for National Poetry Day 2021

My Poem Chance is published today on this blog.

9th October 2021. Poetry using the Decameter. Finity from 1966.


Looking back. Selected highlights of 2020.


Thursday 1st October.

Today is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom. I am editing my collected anthology of poems volume two. I also wrote a poem to celebrate today and posted it on my Facebook Page.

5th August. Do not interrupt me while I talk about interruptions and how our society is suffering from a constant flow of them.

11th June. In this instalment of my series about the Music History of Leicester, I look at the years 2010 and 2011.


Logo of The Shed live music venue

25th March. In my latest article, I look at the years 2007 to 2009 in my series on Leicester’s Music History.

10th March. I publish the third instalment of my series about Leicester’s Music History.

7th March. Read my piece about music education in schools.

March.  Celebrating a previous article: Individuality. 2018.

February. Published the second instalment of my series. Dealing with the rise of the Internet and its effect on live music.

January. I have published the first in my planned series of articles about the history of Leicester’s music.

Read about the series as a whole.

Read the first instalment.

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December 2019

I publish, for the first time, a poem that dates from 1971. This is the latest version of

The Masquerade

also, look at

other poems of mine.


Imperial Prince

Now that I have been given new information by writer Angela Bavidge, I have updated my article about the wreck of the trawler off the Black Dog beach in 1923.

National Poetry Day 2019

Thursday 30th October.

To celebrate the UK’s National Poetry Day, I have revised my latest poem – The Guitarist – and published it on this blog. This replaces the earlier version that previously appeared on that page.

Later today, I plan to publish some of my pieces from 1964. I have spent recent days transcribing and editing Volume One of my collected anthologies.

15th September 2019


For the rest of this year, I need to finish what I have started. I am beginning to plan my work for 2020. Most of next year’s work will be completing major projects, such as my book about The History of Music in Leicester. I have two novels that are still to be completed and two more that are still at the envisioning stage. I also want to finish my anthology of poems from the earliest time to the present day. It will be a busy year. But then, all years are busy, these days.


Today marked the launch of the book An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester, edited by Jon Wilks. This contains a piece written by me about the history of live music in Leicester.

Cover of An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester, Edited by John Wilks, 2019.

23rd August

I look at the future of written language.

Does writing have a future?

24th July

Climate change

Work in progress. Today I am writing about climate change. Being a writer, that is the one thing I can do to respond to what the future looks like. Earlier this year, I made a commitment to write about global warming and now I am doing just that.

8th July


Musicians performing at a jazz concert
Regent Jazz. Carol Leeming singing with a band in 2019

I write the first-ever history of Regent Jazz in Leicester.

8th June

Spoken word

Today I launch my audio page. As yet experimental, the test tracks are to assess the viability of the idea.

Trevor’s audio-blog.


Rethinking Approaches to Housing.

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I have created a new section for my Poetry.

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Read Twelve Trees and Poetry.


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