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I’ve been reading up on ways of making your website better. So. Now, it’s time to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.

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8th July

I write the first ever history of Regent Jazz in Leicester.

8th June

Audio blog launched

Today I launch my audio page. As yet experimental, the test tracks are to assess the viability of the idea.

Trevor’s audio-blog.

Rethinking Approaches to Housing.

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I have created a new section for my Poetry.

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Previously, on Housing policy

Housing Approaches to Policy March 2016 complete work reset online version 2018 click to download a copy in PDF format.

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22nd October 2018

Shipwreck drama off the coast of Scotland

Today I publish an article about my father’s involvement in saving lives of men wrecked at sea, off the coast of Scotland.

The wreck of the Imperial Prince.

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