Survey of Leicester Social Enterprises

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LASS is now sending out its survey of voluntary organisations, charities and other third sector organisations to see how many of them are social enterprises or are planning to become one. The survey will be limited to Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR).

LASS has received funding to undertake this work as part of the modernisation programme grant-aided by Capacity Builders. The purpose of the survey is to map the extent of social enterprise take-up in LLR and to build up a database of organisations that have an interest in this subject.

The survey is being sent to organisations by post, email or telephone call over February. The aim of the survey is to assess how many bodies there are which are already social enterprises and how many are planning to form one over the year ahead.

The results of the survey will give much-needed insights into the growth of social enterprise activity in the local area.

The survey will be conducted by the Social Enterprise Development Workers of LASS, from their base in Regent Road, Leicester. Results from the survey will be available early in March when all the data has been collated. Copies of the report will be available and a summary will be posted on this blog.