Business Advice for artists and entertainers

Trevor Locke can now offer qualified business advice for artists and entertainers.

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Having gained an award in Social Enterprise, Trevor Locke can offer business advice to people needing to earn their living as artists or entertainers.

Artists can be from any genre or art form. Entertainers can be from any form of work: musicians, singers, comedians, magicians, dancers, actors, writers, poets … if you think that you need advice about how to earn a living from your work, I will be pleased to hear from you.

You can contact me by email, via my web site, link up with me on Facebook or call me by phone if you want to know more.

My main web site is

and on Facebook

I have achieved the SFEDI accreditation in Social Enterprise, Core Units of Compentence, 1 to 8, Social Enterprise competencies A to D.

Whether you want to operate as a social enterprise company or only as a sole trader, I can still help you.

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