7th August 2014

Finding Richard

A short film by Hive Films

Starring Colin Baker and David Knight
Directed by Rhys Davies
Producer Doug Cubin
Playing time: 20 minutes (approx)

This short film, shot in Leicester, was premièred at the Cannes Film Festival 2014 and shown at Leicester Guildhall in May this year.

The film was inspired by the discovery of the remains of King Richard III. It tells the story of a young boy called Gull (played by David Knight) who has an interest in history.

Director Rhys Davies said: “The film is an homage to dreamers everywhere. Stay true to yourself, follow your own path and you will succeed. To work with a legend such as Colin Baker was fantastic, and together with rising star David Knight I believe they have made the film a special prospect.”

Gull is helped by his grand father (played by Colin Baker) to start an archaeological dig. A bit of a loner at school, Gull is picked on by others for his strange interests. He stays true to himself, the central moral of the film, and pursues his love of history. Following the dig Gull sets up an exhibition of the artefacts he discovered, on a table outside his house, where he is joined by a girl from his school. This life changes at that moment. Gull find something he was not expecting.

Not a proper dig but the exploration of a field in which the young boy find a piece of metal that he believes to have been left there as part of the Battle of Bosworth.

Mr Davies said the film was about “staying true to yourself and following your own path”. The story line of Finding Richard is told in a way that is very tight, the scenes and content being focused on only the elements that were necessary to tell the story.

Producer Doug Cubin said: “This film being destined for Cannes and having such a great cast means we will do everything possible to create a wonderful experience for the audience.”

The film cost a mere £1,500 to produce, the money being raised through crowd-funding. Colin Baker played the sixth Doctor Who.

Phoenix is planning to hold a festival of short films later this year.

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