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23rd October 2014

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10 Essays on Bands and Singers

Bands and Singers:  Ten essays on rock bands and singers.

By Trevor Locke.

Over the years, music journalist Trevor Locke has seen and listened to thousands of bands. Not just bands but singers, rappers and acoustic artists.

In these ten essays, he looks at some of the fundamental elements of being a successful music act and what is needed to be a good band or singer.

He also looks at the business of live music; however good an act is at performing music, they have to make it in the real world of venues where music provided.

Some of the essays are published in this document for the first time;  others have been re-edited from articles he has previously published on his blog. These have been updated for this publication.

Ten Essays on Bands and Singers is published by Arts in Leicester, in a digital format.

2014, 30 pages, provided in a PDF format, sent by email, price £2.50


  1. An X Factor for Bands? (revised and updated)

  2. Band Promotion. (New)

  3. Promoting Artists. (New)

  4. What do we learn from the obsUnplugged?  (revised and updated)

  5. The Economics of Live Music in Leicester.  (revised and updated)

  6. What Makes a Good Band?  (revised and updated)

  7. Entertainment. Should Bands be Entertaining? (New)

  8. Teamwork (New)

  9. Talent. Is Talent the Key to Everything? (New)

  10. Why do some venues make us pay to play there?  (revised and updated)

Originally published on 23rd October 2014 on Trevor’s Music Blog.