15th November 2014.

Editor’s Column

I am very pleased to see that Arts in Leicester magazine is going really well.

I say that because, back in June last year, when we split off the popular music content from the Arts in Leicester magazine, I was anxious about what would happen to the viewing figures for both the sites.  My fear was that the viewing figures for both sites would plummet downwards.

I am very happy to see that my fears have been unfounded  and that now both sites are doing really well and both of them are attracting a growing number of viewers – both from the UK and also from countries around the world.  There is nothing more exciting than to see one’s work putting Leicester on the map both nationally and globally.  I like that very much.

This is largely because both this country, and now the rest of the world,  are very interested in knowing what our city is all about. In the year ahead, there will be many more things that we will want to cover and which, I am in no doubt, the world in general will want to read about.

As part of my commitment to keeping this website a rich and vibrant source of material about the arts, culture and heritage,  I am going to re-publish a range of articles which were previously on this site but which disappeared from view when the whole thing was revamped and given its current makeover.

These are articles that I will want to refer back to in future pieces, that I have planned,  for the months ahead. Most of these are theatre reviews but there are also some articles that will link into new material that we have in the pipeline.

If you want to keep up with what is coming up here at Arts in Leicester, subscribe to our free notifications service – it will tell you what’s new every time we do a post. Look for the box headed ‘Subscribe to Artsin via email‘ on the right-hand side of the page.

We will also update the page that tells you what has been updated or amended in our pages, through our What’s New pieces.

Watch our for our annual end-of-year round-up and review of the arts, culture and heritage of 2014.

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