Young Actors

September 2015


was set up because there was such a hunger for a drama group in Leicester designed specifically for ‘Real kids with natural ability’.

URBAN is a drama workshop for young people between the ages of 8 and 21. Our session plans change weekly and consist of improvisation, script work, drama games, theatre work, filming projects, play writing, showcasing, confidence building but most importantly FUN! We are a specialist drama school and that is our main focus.

Are you ready for Project LE1?  On the 12th & 13th September our Over 16s will be performing an original, innovative and interactive promenade project. Your help is needed to solve a young girl’s murder.

Arts in Leicester attended the Sunday night performance of LE1, held at Quad Studios in Friday Street, Leicester.

It was a very enjoyable evening; we enjoyed the performance. It was a promenade theatre,  in which the audience (and some of the actors) walked round and saw various scenes from the drama, enacted in various parts of the building and in different rooms.

This new approach to theatre was very original and refreshing.  All of the young actors were good and put on impressive performances.

The story told of the murder of Maya Johnson (played by Alisha Mehta).  The audience played the role of judge and jury and was asked to decide who had committed the murder.

The audience were shown four suspects and had to vote for which one they thought committed the murder.

In a surprise ending, the ghost of Maya appeared and confessed she had poisoned herself. So, a suicide rather than a murder.

The cast had been rehearsing the drama since June; the words they spoke was improvised within a framework for the plot as a whole. We saw some impressively good performances, particularly by the presenter, Jonathan Crawley (played by Lois Gale) and by Kirk Langstrom (played by Charlie Riggall).  Alisha Mehta’s closing soliloquy as the ghost of Maya Johnson, explaining how she met her death, was both moving and dramatically  superb.

For a group of young actors this was a very engaging and impressive piece of drama.

Technical production was executed by Jamie Borland.

The drama was devised by Melissa Smith and the cast.

About Urban Young Actors

We want to inspire young people to be the best that they can be. So often it has been the case that because children may have been unable to attend a local drama group due to expensive class fees or locations they have never realised their talents and full creative potential. We often hear also that children have not felt comfortable/confident in other groups- this does not happen at Urban- we really are like one big family! The positive effects a good drama group can have on a young person are immeasurable. We at Urban Young Actors believe that setting up a safe, secure and creative environment helps children to grow in a positive manner, which can enhance all areas of life. It is a wonderful thing to attend a workshop with like-minded individuals and to feel a sense of personal achievement after every session. We aim to have a diverse mix of children in our group who will be keen to work together and learn from each other.

The group is entry on audition only. The main reason for this is to ensure personal attention and encouragement to each child therefore our numbers are limited. We also want to maintain a high quality of actors to continue our excellent relationships with casting directors. We are looking for ‘Real’ kids with a natural ability, willingness to learn, and a strong dedication to the group. It is very important children attend their 2 hour session every week to show their commitment to the group.

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