Trevor Locke’s writings

ordered by subject

I have written about a lot of different things. In this list I have created a number of subjects under which I have placed links to pieces that are available on this blog.

This list is work in progress – further items will be added soon

My blog

My weekly postings about my work as a writer.

Editorial issues with this blog.

My creative writing

Poetry home page

My novels

The Trench. A novel about bands, rock music and a venue.

My non-fiction books

Housing: approaches to policy, 2016.


Lord of the Flies, Golding, play review


Working with the web-o-sphere

See also ‘Internet and Web’ below


The economics of ageing


Reviews of films

Brighton Rock

Finding Richard (2014)

The Black Swan

The Martian

Writing a character profile for a filmscript

History and archaeology

Brain size and evolution

Food in the 21st century

History of music in Leicester

Local music:  does it matter?

Scottish shipwreck in 1923.


A place to live: a place to work

Buy-to-let schemes


Housing policy (My book)

Housing: approaches to policy (book)

What is a home?

Internet and web

Digital democracy re-visited

A place to live, a place to work.


American Idiot (Green Day musical) review

An X-Factor for bands?

Band promotion

Bands and singers

Editorial bias in music journalism

Music education

New bands starting up

Thoughts on singing

What makes a good band?


A country walk 1966

A poem of Tahiji

Poems from 1969

Poetry 2017

Poetry day

The Guitarist

Politics and policy

Referendum on the EU

Work in the 21st Century

Housing policy


Transport and cars

Urban transport