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Tuesday 14th April 2015


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Our page that covers the general election of 2015.


What’s wrong with Labour’s policy on the Arts?

The general election in 2015

News about the election (2015)

The election of 2010

Housing policy issues

This page asks the question:  what does politics mean for the arts?

As the country prepares for a general election on May 7th and as Leicester prepares to elect its constituency members of Parliament and city mayor,  we will be looking to see what the candidates are saying about their policies for the arts, heritage and culture in Leicester.

Our focus will be on the contest for the position of Mayor of Leicester. Now that the city has an elected, full-time Mayor we will be trying to find out what the candidates have to say about how they would support and develop the city’s arts.

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In 2011 we reported on a visit to Leicester of Ed Miliband


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This is an archive of the front page of this website as it looked on 19th November 2018, before I shorted it.

What you see below is that part of the page that was extracted.

3rd September 2018

Sunday postings come to an end.  I have given up posting on Sundays. Now I post whenever I have an article ready, to go live. Read more

Sunday 5th August 2018

book covers from FB

My novel The Streets of London reaches a new phase in its development. An explanation is given in my blog.

Sunday 15th July 2018

Firstly an apology. This website has not been available for about a week.  This was due to a technical problem with the domain name. I hope that has now been rectified.

Today’s blog post is about imagination.

Sunday, 8th July

Ways of writing a novel, is the theme of today’s blog post. Despite this debilitating heat wave, I continue to pound the typewriter keys.

Sunday 20th May 2018

Trevor Locke has adopted an unconventional approach to writing his third novel.

Today’s post explains how and why.

Sunday 13th May 2018

Head of a Young Man by Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Drawing of the head of a young man by Jean Baptiste Greuze.

In my series of Sunday blog posts, I discuss the relationship between drawing and describing scenes in creative fiction.

Sunday 6th May 2018

masks African animal mask
African mask depicting an animal form

The function and nature of masks is discussed as part of writing a novel.

Sunday 29th April 2018

In this week’s blog post I talk about planning a novel

Sunday 22nd April 2018

In another of my blog posts, I ask: Should novels have plots?

Monday 2nd April 2018

London Theatre in the 1960s

April 2nd Royal Court Theatre
Royal Court Theatre, London

Today’s blog post looks at how the theatre of the late 1960s finds its way into my third novel.

Sunday 25th March 2018

Writing about characters, in a novel

Devising characters and then bringing them to life, in a story, is far from easy.  In this week’s article, I talk about how I have gone about making the three characters who are central to my latest novel.

Writing characters

Sunday 18th March 2018

The Swinging Sixties? Was it?

Sunday 11th March 2018

I continue my blog posts by discussing the question ‘What is masculinity, anyway?

I write about my third novel – The Streets of London.

Buckingham Palace photographed bny me in 1963 cropped
Buckingham Palace in 1965

In this article I discuss the relationship between fiction and reality.

25th February 2018

In the first of my regular Sunday blog posts, I examine and discuss individuality. Considering how males become men and how they become masculine.

Read it here – Being an individual.

18th February 2018

My blog has left port. Today I published the first of my weekly pieces.

Read it here –  embarkation.

16th February 2018

I need to get going. This blog has not been updated. That will change. I have decided to have a blog section. That is a section of this website where I post weekly posts about what I am doing. The first instalment is due on Sunday 18th February.

I have made a start by putting a link, on the main menu bar, to the home page for my regular blog. Click on Blog Home above. ↑

17th November 2017

A new beginning

Now I have got my domain name, it is time to revamp the blog.

I want to give the whole site a fresher feeling; simplify it, make it easier to use and focus on the new rather than the old.

Please come back soon – lots of new writings are on the way.

Poems 2018

13th November 2018

The Guitarist, 2018

The guitarist plucks at his strings
the metallic tumult begins.
Like legends of some Gothic age
being given eagle-like wings.
We can see the shape of the man
on the venue’s dimly lit stage.

Rage breeds, as the vocalist roars,
slapping shockwaves into your face,
as the mounting tension outpours,
wielding thunderbolts like a sword,
the drums set the thunderous blows
of the songs that everyone knows.

The man is a god of the strings.
His open shirt showing his chest
and the sweat to his jawbone clings
they all know that he is the king
the greatest that they’ve ever seen,
and their excitation takes wing.

As they savour the savage sound
the crowd waves their lighters around,
fists clenching, they punch at the air,
prodding fingered horns at the crew.
For people, the devil may care,
if he misses a note or two.

As they watch the twist of his hips,
enthralled by his glistening hair,
they long for the touch of his lips.
For them, he is Eros defined.
Their clamour is not for his mind
his pulsating body is there.

At the end of the set he bowed
and the crowd erupts in applause
the screaming and shouting are loud.
Off stage, the musician withdraws,
and his heart is swelling with pride
and, of him, the band is so proud.

The musicians start packing away.
They pick up their amps, and feel strong.
The performance turned out quite well,
for many they cannot go wrong.
Tonight’s gig – a very big throng –
and next time, more tickets they’ll sell.

Pursuing the call of the bars,
stinking with old perspiration,
the stubble of weeks on his chin –
ready to conquer the nation,
Guitarist’s about to begin
his meteor rise to the stars.

So when he is in the arenas,
thousands of fans, grouped in thickets,
Will he recall the admirers,
the ones he began to impress,
the fans who first bought the tickets,
thus paving his road to success?

Will singer think back to the start,
when playing those shit-venue dives,
the small ones he had to endure,
for the sake of his grinding art,
as he plods on, tour after tour,
will he think back to all those lives?

Does he love those women that crave
masculinity, music and charm?
Girls worship the man who gets pissed,
the man who can do them no harm,
the singer who’se always the rage:
the legend call The Guitar-ist.