Leicester Music History The Series

30th January 2020

This page gives the background to my series about Leicester’s music history. It also lists all the articles published in the series.

My plan is to post one instalment per month during 2020.

There is a photo gallery associated with this series.

Available articles

Instalment 1 covering the years 2000 to 2002.

Instalment 2 looking at the rise of the Internet and the years 2003 and 2004.

Instalment 3 2005 to 2006 and the rise of the Facebook Generation.

Instalment 4 Leicester’s music history, 2007 to 2009.

Instalment 5 2010 to 2011.

This is the background to my series of articles about the History of Music in Leicester. By Leicester, I refer not only to the city but also to the county of Leicestershire.

My plan is to publish a series of articles, on a regular basis, in this my blog and each one will be linked to from my column in Music in Leicester magazine.

I have chosen to publish my series on my own blog – writertrevorlocke.com – because I want to give myself free rein to narrate my personal experience of live music without compromising the magazine’s editorial policy. I should say, therefore, that any views expressed in this blog are entirely my own and do not represent those of the editor of Music in Leicester.

Music in Leicester magazine holds a series of article about Leicester’s music history, these being:

Introduction to the series. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/goingtogigs/

What is it about gigs? http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/gong-to-gigs-round-1/

Who puts on gigs. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/gig-organisation/

Bands from the noughties. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round3/

The golden age of Indie. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/going-to-gigs-5/

Metal, punk, ska and Reggae. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round-6/

The rise of the festivals. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round-7/

Sing me a song. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/singers-leicester/

Bands in the year 2008. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/gigs2008/

Battles of the bands. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round10/

Music and the Internet. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round11/

It’s all about roots. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/rock-roots/

Leicester’s greatest hits. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/greatest-hits/

Music of the middle ages. http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round14/

What did the Romans ever play for us? http://www.musicinleicester.co.uk/round15/


In this series of articles, I narrate the history of music as it has been played – over the centuries – in Leicester and its environs. The series will not be set out in chronological order. The average reader would find this approach tedious, I think. Instead, I begin with the earliest period of music experience, the years 2000 to 2002. Subsequent articles will look at the music of the past, in order to uncover the roots of music. Some of the articles will delve back a long way into the history of our city in order to examine those roots.

For those readers who are not from Leicester, let me explain that Leicester a city in the Midlands; in it, we find two thousands years of continuous human habitation. Wherever you find humans you find music. My task is to show what kind of music is to be heard today in the city in the modern age and also to suggest what our ancestors would have heard going as far back in time as the evidence will allow.

Some articles, which will look at specific aspects of the local music scene, will deserve individual coverage in their own right. These specific articles will include descriptions of particular venues and music acts, bands and singers that have played a remarkable part in the history of the area’s music.

All the articles forming part of this series will be gathered together on this page.


My archives contain a very large number of photos that have been taken over the years. These will be gathered together in a special photo gallery so that they can be browsed together as a collection. The link to this gallery will be placed on this page as soon as it is available.

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