Poetry 2020

Here I publish a selection of the poems I wrote in 2020.

Zhivago song, 2020

The Ural’s icy blasts
swept leaves along the streets
like souls of dead peasants brown and dry.
Green they were in spring
but all that is born must die.
Yuri listened to the sound
and thought it carried with it
the tinkling of a balalaika’s string
like icicles shivering in the snow
as they hung from the eaves of Yarykino.
Stumbling through the twists and turns of fate
Savouring the flowery passions of lost love
blackened by the battles of mindless hate
driven by blizzards from above
your fingers plucked the strings
of your instrument – my heart –
as into the limitless sky wings
wild geese seeking for a mate
knowing they must always be apart.

Trevor Locke

Composed 24th September 2020