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This page is about Arts in Leicester  magazine. Information is also given about our other site Music in Leicester  (scroll down)

This page forms part of the archives of Arts in Leicester magazine.

Arts in Leicester was a magazine about Leicester’s culture and creative life; it ran from 2005 to 2016 when it closed down permanently.

10 things to know about Arts in Leicester magazine

    1. This was an on-line magazine.
    2. We did not publish a paper-based version.
    3. The magazine was run by volunteers. There were no paid staff.
    4. We did not have offices. All volunteers worked from home.
    5. We covered mainly Leicester and Leicestershire.
    6. We also covered other counties in the East Midlands, when we could.
    7. Arts in Leicestershire was founded in 2005 and closed down in 2016.
    8. The current issue of the website is a completely new build (i.e. the site as it was when it closed.)
    9. Most of the articles published in the OLD version of the site have been removed to an off-line archive. The whole of the magazine website has been placed in an off-line archive.
    10. Some previously published articles have been re-published in this blog.

The closure of Arts in Leicester was announced on 5th September 2016.

The ArtsIn Brand

ArtsIn was our brand name for the services we provided to the arts, entertainment and cultural sectors in Leicester city and Leicestershire county and in the East Midlands. Our IN brand was also applied to other products and services that we provided, such as our website Music In Leicester.

The brand name ArtsIn is a short-form term similar to ‘Tescos’, for example. The brand name identifies all aspects of our activities in both the magazine and the company

Arts in Leicestershire Magazine

Editor and publisher: Trevor Locke

Founded: February 2005. Closed in 2016.

Arts in Leicestershire was a magazine which set out to cover the whole spectrum of arts, entertainment, culture, heritage in Leicester and the county of Leicestershire.

A new venture was launched  in June 2013, called Music in Leicester. This took over the popular music content from this magazine. We plan to publish a compendium of the reviews and news stories that appeared in Arts in Leicestershire from 2002 to 2013. Details of this work will appear in both this and the Music in Leicester websites, later in 2016.

See the Music in Leicester website

ArtsIn finances

The cost of maintaining these magazines is and was  met from small amounts of money coming in from online advertising or donated by well-wishers.

To maintain and develop the magazine, we need to increase income, in order to invest in new facilities and develop better content.

In order to help defray the cost of basic resources; we do, from time to time, run appeals for donations.

Both magazines are owned and published by Trevor Locke, a sole trader.  No company is involved and there are no other partners and no shareholders. Trevor Locke acts as a self-employed sole trader in publishing these two on-line magazines.


These two magazines were widely read by people both from the local area and from around the UK. MIL continues to be a well-visited website, attracting a large number of readers each month.

We also post frequently on our social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Each outlet has its own body of subscribers, friends and followers, bringing our total combined reach to a figure in excess of  approximately 30,000 readers per month.

Mission statement

The goal of  Arts in Leicester magazine  was to provide, for the benefit of the general public, the best quality online magazine, that has constantly updated information, news and articles on all aspects of the arts, entertainment, heritage and culture, including

    • Classical, operatic, chorus, folk or world music.
    • The visual arts, including painting, art photography and digital and creative graphic design
    • The written word: novels, poetry, creative writing, authors
    • Performing arts including theater, drama, plays and dance
    • Entertainment, comedy, shows, gigs, concerts, festivals
    • Culture, history and heritage of Leicester in many forms

The magazine’s style was intended to provide readers with a regular coverage of the subject matter through the publication of news, feature articles, reviews, reports, listings and topical issues.

This product is primarily a magazine and is only technically a website. It was intended to be a product of journalism rather than of web authorship.

Arts in Leicester magazine wanted to be a prime example of digital publishing. We see publishing as becoming increasingly digital and decreasing about pieces of paper. Sales of newspapers and magazines are dropping; visits to online outlets are soaring. It’s what the future of publishing is about. We want to lead the way in online journalism.

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Page last edited:  8th January 2017.