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16th August 2015

Trevor’s Music Blog has now been imported into this site.  It used to be a blog associated with  Arts in Leicester  magazine.  When the music content of Arts in Leicester has migrated away from the arts magazine into a new venture – Music in Leicester – the blog was changed to a new title – Trevor’s Music Blog. That blog is now been dismantled and all its articles have been imported into this blog.

Music in Leicester goes live

1st June 2013

Our new website about music in Leicester went live in June 2013.  It is still going strong:

Visit our website Music in Leicester

About this blog

This was the blog of the Arts in Leicestershire magazine.  It has been re-branded from what used to be the blog for our Get Your Band On web site.  We decided to pull everything into the ArtsIn brand because the on-line magazine is amazingly successful, attracting over 25,000 readers per month during 2012.

The blog site was being used as the blog of music writer Trevor Locke.  Previously

We use our blog to test reactions to articles that we might publish in the magazine or on our other site Music in Leicester.  It is here that we float ideas and look for comments on work in progress and invite people to share their thoughts on the issues we raise.  In this respect, the blog is the interactive side of the magazine, just as our Facebook and Twitter accounts allow people to comment on what we have written, or are working on.

Our magazine is online only (no paper is used)

Articles from these old blogs have now all been imported into this one.


When I worked in the field of social enterprise (running companies and advising others who were engaged in social enterprises) I set up a blog about Leicester Enterprise and gave it the title Leicesterprise. I have now migrated the content from that old blog into this one and dismantled it.

I am not now involved in social enterprise in any formal way but I have re-published some of the articles I wrote on this subject as they might be of interest to others. The old site for Leicesterprise no longer exists