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Please don’t interrupt.  My view of the interruptive society.

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17th November 2019

Following information from Angela Bavidge of Aberdeen, I have updated my article about the wreck of the Imperial Prince and added a new image to it.

7th October 2018

Back to The Trench

I have decided to put my third novel on the backburner, for the time being. Instead, I will continue to work on my second novel. The Trench.

Find out more about The Trench.

Regular Sunday posts abandoned

I have decided not to post every Sunday. Instead, I will post when I have something to say. When I need to say it.

In the past I wrote:

Each week I will write about my work. What I have been doing as a writer. This page is the home page for those posts. I plan to add links here to each of the instalments that I publish, on this website.

You might think that this whole website is a blog. So does that mean that I will have a blog within a blog? Yes. If it suits you to think of it that way. I think of this blog as being like a diary or, maybe, a journal. Posts will talk about what I have been doing and maybe what I plan to do in the week ahead.

That is a different format from post articles that are free-standing. Which is what most of the pages on this website are.

These are the articles I posted

5th August – Keeping going.

29th July – Turning point.

15th July – Use your imagination.

8th July 2018. – Ways of writing a novel.

10th June 2018. – Changing course.

20th May 2018. – How I am writing my third novel.

13th May 2018 – Drawing as an aid to writing

6th May 2018 – Masks and characters.

29th April 2018 – Planning a novel

22nd April 2018 – Should novels have plots?

25th March – Writing characters

18th March – The Swinging Sixties

11th March – What is masculinity?

4th March 2018 – London past and present

25th February 2018 – Being an individual

18th February 2018 – Embarkation

and also

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