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A subject that has caught my attention lately is ‘microhistory.’ The history of everyday life. The tiny details that make life what it is. I have written about this for my journals in my essay The Minutiae of Everyday Life.

7th October 2021

A poem for National Poetry Day.

My poem Chance is published.

Please don’t interrupt.  My view of the interruptive society.

Copyright notice relating to his website.

17th November 2019

Following information from Angela Bavidge of Aberdeen, I have updated my article about the wreck of the Imperial Prince and added a new image to it.

7th October 2018

Back to The Trench

I have decided to put my third novel on the backburner, for the time being. Instead, I will continue to work on my second novel. The Trench.

Find out more about The Trench.

Regular Sunday posts abandoned

I have decided not to post every Sunday. Instead, I will post when I have something to say. When I need to say it.

In the past I wrote:

Each week I will write about my work. What I have been doing as a writer. This page is the home page for those posts. I plan to add links here to each of the instalments that I publish, on this website.

You might think that this whole website is a blog. So does that mean that I will have a blog within a blog? Yes. If it suits you to think of it that way. I think of this blog as being like a diary or, maybe, a journal. Posts will talk about what I have been doing and maybe what I plan to do in the week ahead.

That is a different format from post articles that are free-standing. Which is what most of the pages on this website are.

These are the articles I posted

5th August – Keeping going.

29th July – Turning point.

15th July – Use your imagination.

8th July 2018. – Ways of writing a novel.

10th June 2018. – Changing course.

20th May 2018. – How I am writing my third novel.

13th May 2018 – Drawing as an aid to writing

6th May 2018 – Masks and characters.

29th April 2018 – Planning a novel

22nd April 2018 – Should novels have plots?

25th March – Writing characters

18th March – The Swinging Sixties

11th March – What is masculinity?

4th March 2018 – London past and present

25th February 2018 – Being an individual

18th February 2018 – Embarkation

and also

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