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This blog* has changed again.

26th March 2014

Today, this blog changes again. Having been the blogsite for Arts In Leicestershire, it now becomes the output for music writer Trevor Locke.

The reason for the change is that both websites are changing and hence I have decided to re-position this blog.

This is partly about wanting to have a platform that is independent of those other things, in which I am engaged, and partly about wanting more freedom and flexibility to publish my writings.

I will still have a desire to write about music and most of that will be connected in some way to my local scene here in Leicester. There will be times when I will want to discuss broader aspects of music and this will allow me more scope to do that.

*when it says ‘this blog’ it was referring to the old GYBO blog.

Change in branding

This was originally created as the blog for our web site Get Your Band On.  It has now been re-engineered to become the blog for our online magazine

This move is part of our business plan in which we bring all our lines under one brand:  Artsin

Our previous blog for Arts in is being deleted and replaced by this blog.  Keeps everything in one place.

Posts to the old blog are being imported into this one.

Artsin is the brand name for a range of web sites and services produced by me, the centre of which is our online magazine Arts in #Leicestershire.

We have accounts on several social networking sites, such as Twitter

and Myspace.   It can be seen that the Artsin logo immediately identifies these sites as relating to the band image.

These moves are in readiness for our expanded business plan for 2011.