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10th March 2014

Consultancy services

Trevor Locke, the editor of this blog, was engaged in a number of projects concerned with social enterprise. He qualified in July 2011 under SFEDI as a business adviser in social Enterprise and specialises in the arts, artists and entertainers

Trevor had a firm track record in business start-ups, having set up a number of new businesses for himself and has also supported the development of new businesses for others. He is the Managing Director of Artsin Productions Limited, a social enterprise company founded in October 2011.

He had also worked as a consultant and project manager on a number of other new businesses and companies. These included Equal Access Ltd., a project which aimed to improve services for people who are unemployed and Well for Living, a social enterprise in the Health field.

Trevor successfully helped to steer the creation of a major IT project in North West Leicestershire, which achieved its funding target of £1.2 million for the establishment of a state of the art centre for leading-edge computing technologies.

As an independent business adviser, Trevor conformed to the code of professional ethics laid down by SFEDI and will not use his consultancy position to sell, recommend or push any other business in which he is engaged.

Trevor was available for consultations from people engaged in the arts, music and culture.

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