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I now have a new catalogue of all my published work. Master list of catalogued work 2019 edition. 30th May 2019. (Requires PDF reader.)

Alphabetical listing of articles

Aakash Odedra (review)

Abigail’s Party – theatre review

About this blog

About the other blogs

About Trevor Locke

Ageing – see under Economics

A place to live: a place to work 1996

An Administrative Mind.

Audio blog experiment

Arts in Leicester magazine

Band Promotion

Bands and singers

New bands starting up

What makes a good band?

An X-factor for bands?

Barker, Michael, the artist from Leicester

Bodyguard review by Melissa O’Biern 2016

Brain size and language.

Brain size and evolution

Business (see also: social enterprise)

Working with the ‘web-o-sphere’

Caribbean Carnival in Leicester 2016

Dating the past. When was 1066?

Democracy – see Politics below

Does The Novel Have a Future?

What makes a good live music scene?

Education in music at Loughborough

Employment – see under Work below


Caribbean Carnival 2016

Cosmopolitan carnival 2016

Food in the 21st century


History of Leicester Music (series)

History of music in Leicester

Leicester’s history of food and drink

Local music – does it matter?

Music history



Approaches to policy (in housing) part 5

Buy to let schemes


The main page for housing articles

Housing policy

Notes about housing policy and issues

Providing better housing stock – part 4

Housing and transport – issues – see below under Transport

What is a home?

Individuality in art and literature.

Innovation in housing

An introduction to language and evolution (feature article)

Language and evolution the role of brain size

Leicester’s history

Food and drink in the 21st century: historical origins

Leicester at the Cross (religious theatre) 2016

Lord of the Flies – review

Masquerade, the (poem)

Michael Barker, the artist from Leicester

Minutiae of Everyday Life, the


2005 to 2006. Instalment 3 of Leicester Music History

2010 and 2001. Instalment 5 of Leicester Music History

American Idiot, review, 2016

Classic rock is dead

Editorial bias in music

Education at Loughborough Music School

Flash gigs

Hip-hop and dubstep

Leicester rock bands – breaking news

Leicester Music History instalment 1.

Local music – does it matter?

Major new music festival showcase for Leicester

Music awards

Pinafore, review, curve, 2016

Promoting artists

Thoughts on singing

What makes a good band?

What makes a good gig?

What makes a good live music scene?

When should gigs start?

Wither Live Music?  A piece about music education in schools.

Novels. The future of the novel.


Our Day Out – review 2016

Painters from Leicester

Policy studies

Contents of my book on housing policy

New approaches to housing policy


Netactivism and digital democracy

Referendum on the EU


Rewording housing

Services I provide

Size does not matter (brain size)

Sport – Leicester City Football Club (LCFC)

Social enterprise

New social enterprise launches in Leicester

Social enterprise in Leicester

Survey of Leicester Social Enterprises

What is social enterprise?

Theatre reviews

HMS Pinafore

My review of Golding’s Lord of the Flies

The Economics of ageing


Transport and cars

Urban transport


My new blog

Ways of writing a novel.

What I am writing about now

Write better

Writings about music, by Trevor Locke

Work and employment


Work in the twenty-first century