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8th July 2018


A lot of blogs allow readers to comment on articles. Mine does not. The reason for that is – spammers. The Internet has become an industry of spamming. When I did allow comments on my blog posts, I was targeted by the dark side of the web. Evil people. Nerds. Self-important *rseholes who wanted me to see their shit.  I got so frustrated and appalled by it all that I turned it off.

There are remedies, I hear you say.  Yes, there are. But most of them ask for payment. I chose the free solution. Just turn comments off. Period.

The baby has been throw out with the bathwater. If I find a solution that suits my purposes (not to mention my wallet) I might put comments back on again, but, in the meantime, the only way to talk to me about my work is on Facebook. Sorry about that.