The Minutiae of Everyday Life Sunday 7th November 2021. Preface Daily life involves a wide range of tiny, minor details. Not just for me but for everyone. Small things have to be done every day to ensure our survival, health and comfort. Our fitness, sustenance, cleanliness and domestic duties are based on routines that have … Continue reading Microhistory

Local Music

Promoting Local Music Events 22nd October 2021 by Carol Leeming and Trevor Locke Today, 22nd September 2021, Carol Leeming posted a comment on her Facebook feed: 'Now I am really looking at how local music, musicians are promoted & supported in LESTA'. Carol's post was about how local musicians can promote and advertise their shows … Continue reading Local Music

Poetry using the Iambic Decameter

9th October 2021 There was a time when I was particularly keen on writing poems using the Iambic Decameter (in which there are always ten syllables per line.) Here is one called Finity, from 21st June 1966: It seems that all existence is a sphere,one single, finite, universal globe.This is a thought, at first, that … Continue reading Poetry using the Iambic Decameter

Poetry 2020

Here I publish a selection of the poems I wrote in 2020. Zhivago song, 2020 The Ural's icy blastsswept leaves along the streetslike souls of dead peasants brown and dry.Green they were in springbut all that is born must die.Yuri listened to the soundand thought it carried with itthe tinkling of a balalaika's stringlike icicles … Continue reading Poetry 2020